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Save newsletters, articles, or anything from around the web to your personal feed and access it across devices.

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How uFeed works


Save content

You receive a personal email. Use it to subscribe to any newsletter or send it links to save content.

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Your saved articles and newsletters will be saved to your feed across devices

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Open your feed and read. Have only 5 minutes? You can filter articles by time-to-read


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Control the content you consume

There’s so much great content online. Maybe too much content?

It’s hard to keep up. We’re bombarded.

So, instead of reading quality content, we open Twitter. Instead of growing, we scroll through a random feed. Controlled by an algorithm.

uFeed flips the script. You decide what to consume. Save content from around the web and access your personal feed across devices.


During the beta period, uFeed is $5 per month. We also offer 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked.

When you sign up to uFeed, you receive a unique uFeed email address. Use it to curate your content. Any item saved will be available on your personal feed across devices.

Tip: add your uFeed email to your contacts. That way you can save your content with a few clicks

  • Articles: save any article by emailing the article URL to your uFeed email
  • Newsletters: use your uFeed email address to subscribe to newsletters. If the newsletter requires opting-in, the confirmation email will appear in your feed
  • Videos: save videos by sending the video URL to your uFeed email
  • Tweets: To save tweets, send the tweet url to your uFeed email address. (Coming Soon) To subscribe to all tweets of an author, send the profile page of the author to uFeed.

Not at the moment as we prefer to focus on improving our product. In the meanwhile, we provide a discounted monthly plan and 30 days money back guarantee. Obviously, you can cancel at any time.

uFeed beta allows you to save any article, video or tweets and subscribe to newsletters. If you'd like us to add any other format, let us know by using the chat bubble on the bottom right.